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Meet The Team.

Live Your Truth is a strong family business built on the core values of Live Your Truth. Each and every employee strives to live their truth in their own life which in turn creates incredible harmony and a very fun and fulfilling career.

While most people would be terrified at the thought of working with their family members, we embrace it, and do it in harmony and love. Because we practice what we teach at Live Your Truth and use these things in everything we do we are able to create a very supportive work environment where each and every team member is given an opportunity to do the things that are in line with their greatest strengths.

Here’s a little bit about our team:

Carol Tuttle – Creator, Visionary. Type 3/4

Carol Tuttle is the reason we are all Dressing Our Truth! Eight years ago, she received a vision for this amazing program sitting at her kitchen table. When the words “Dressing Your Truth” came to her, she knew she was on to something very big and fun. She is an acclaimed alternative psychotherapist and best-selling author. She loves that her original idea has now turned in to a family run business.

Sarah Tuttle- Dressing Your Truth Expert. Type 3/2

Sarah is married to Carol’s son, Chris Tuttle. She loves being a member of the Dressing Your Truth team and has a passion for helping women live their truth. Some of Sarah’s favorite things are being out in nature, traveling around the world, her dog Jocco, and dancing.

Anne Tuttle Brown- Dressing Your Truth Expert. Type 2/3

As Carol’s third child, Anne feels very blessed to be able to help women live, love, and dress their truth every day. At work she loves to plan Club Nights, pick the perfect Dressing Your Truth product, and connect with customers. At play she loves to be outdoors, get crafty and be in the kitchen whipping up something tasty and healthy.

Jaleah Tuttle- Dressing Your Truth Expert. Type 1/4

Jaleah Tuttle is the newest member of the Dressing Your Truth family. She is so excited to bring her positive fun Type 1 energy to the mix and get you all pumped to Live Your Truth!

Marcy Brown- Dressing Your Truth Expert. Type 1/4

Marcy Brown loves being a Type 1 and has so much sharing Dressing Your Truth with so many women. When she’s not helping women at Dressing Your Truth she is busy making documentary films. She is also a proud grandmother of 10 grandkids!

Sheryl Laukat- Dressing Your Truth Expert. Type 4/1

Sheryl Laukat is the CEO and co-owner of Cannonball Musical Instruments, a manufacturer of saxophones, trumpets and clarinets. Passionate about “Energy Profiling” and “Dressing Your Truth”, Sheryl gives the perk of this program to all of her employees, and shares Carol’s books with customers and friends all over the world.

Emily Price- Head Stylist. Type 1/2

Emily Price, Dressing Your Truth hairstylist and color expert, has been working her hair magic from the time she was young. Her commitment to education and passion for beautiful hair makes her a great addition to the Dressing Your Truth (or Living your truth if you think it sounds better) team. Emily loves being able to use her talents and vision to help women see their true beauty and have a good hair day every day!

Lauri Wiseman- Support Angel. Type 1/2

Lauri is the Customer Support Manager for Dressing Your Truth and Energy Profiling. She is happy to assist you with any issues and enjoys being able to provide help and support as you move forward in living your Truth!

Kristine Bolstridge- Support Angel. Type 3/2

Kristine Bolstridge serves as a Customer Delight Representative for the Dressing Your Truth team and loves every minute of it! She has a passion for living her truth and a desire to help other women on their journey to living the truth for themselves.

Kalista Watson- Shipping Manager & Dressing Your Truth Expert. Type 4/1

She ships! Kalista is the Shipping Manager here at Live Your Truth. She views each order and shipment as an opportunity to support you in expressing your true beauty. Kalista is also a Beauty Profile and Dressing Your Truth Expert and is passionate about all things Dressing Your Truth.

Jonathan Tuttle- CFO. Type 2/1

Jonathan is the husband, partner and steady support behind Carol’s undying commitment to help women live and dress their truth. Jonathan plays the role of CFO and loves to hike, bike, swim and paraglide. He loves to hear your stories of how you are awakening to your truth.

Chris Tuttle- CEO. Type 2/4

Chris enjoys going to the mall and telling women how beautiful they are, giving free hugs, and offering words of encouragement. One of his favorite things to do after helping people live their truth is to cuddle with his wife Sarah and their Type 2 dog Jocco.

Tanner Brown- President. Type 3/2

Tanner is married to Anne Tuttle Brown. He has always had a passion for business; from a young age he has been involved in entrepreneurship. Tanner loves living his truth and helping others live theirs. He is an avid sports fan and his favorite ride at Disney World is “Living with the Land.”

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